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Obtaining a personal loan is not always easy: the banks want to be sure that it will not go into trouble (i.e. that customers do not stop paying the installments) so before granting it, they carefully evaluate the applicant’s income situation, his debt and Finally, they carefully investigate the databases to check that it is not registered among the bad payers or among the protesters.


Never had a debt: is the loan safe? Absolutely not!

Can a person who has a certain good income, who has never had debts and who has never suffered late payments, be sure that the loan will be granted to him? Not at all! There is another “” paradoxical “reason for which the loan is refused: that person does not have a” debt history ” and therefore the bank has no elements to evaluate the degree of punctuality in the payment of the installments. In other words, if a person has never had a loan then he cannot prove to the bank that in the past he has always paid his installments regularly and that therefore he can be considered a “good payer”.


So how do I get funding?

debt loan

It seems absurd but the above is one of the most frequent reasons for refusing a loan. The question then arises spontaneously: ” if the bank refuses me the loan, how can I have a historian? “The solution can be this: start with a consumer loan of a minimal amount that is usually granted even in the absence of guarantees. Buy, for example, a mobile phone on credit and wait until you have paid the first 6/7 installments before applying for the loan again. The bank will thus have a minimum of history to be able to assign you the title of good payer.


The real solution is the assignment of the fifth

consolidation loan

If, on the other hand, you do not have the time or the desire to do all this, the solution is to change the type of loan: the transfer of the fifth, in fact, allows you to have the loan you want without having to present any guarantee. The rate will certainly be very low and the maximum duration is the longest on the market: up to 10 years.

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